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Friendly Animal Plates
Price $99.00

Friendly Animal Plates is a set of six lustrous, high quality melamine plates, featuring Snow Yak, Pink Yak, Sad Pig, Grey Animal, Medicine Bear, and Brown Bear.

Snow Yak Ornament
Price $175.00

The Snow Yak Ornament was individually created using three dimensional color jet printing technology (CJP). This printing technology uses a gypsum-based powder that is spread in thin layers.

Friendly Animal Sticker Sheet
Price $6.00

The Friendly Animal Sticker Sheet is a 6” x 10" set of your favorite Friendly Animal characters. There are six 2” die-cut, full-color stickers in this set.

Princess Praline and Her Entourage Limited Edition Lithographic Poster
Price $250.00

“Princess Praline and Her Entourage" limited edition lithographic poster is printed on heavyweight paper, signed, numbered, and is embossed with the Porterhouse seal in the lower right-hand corner.
Whipped Cream T-Shirt
Price $30.00

This t-shirt commemorates the exciting new ballet, " Whipped Cream," from the American Ballet Theatre.

Whipped Cream Sticker Sheet
Price $6.00

The Whipped Cream sticker sheet measures 8" x 10" and features your favorite dancers and characters. There are 16 die-cut, full-color stickers in this set.

Micro Portfolio 7 - The Gay 90’s Exhibition - 1st Printing
Price $24.95

This set of 24 oversized postcards includes paintings and drawings from The Gay 90's Olde Tyme Art Show and The Gay Nineties West.
Dodecahedron Show Poster
Price $25.00

The "Dodecahedron Show Poster" is being released in conjunction with Mark Ryden's "Dodecahedron" show at the Kasmin Gallery in New York, NY. It is offset printed on heavyweight paper and ships rolled.
Lover's Eye Brooch
Price $99.99

This brooch features a mineral crystal dome and a solid metal back custom stamped with Mark's logo and a safety pin style attachment.
Daisy Brooch
Price $99.99

This enameled metal brooch features Mark Ryden's "Daisy" drawing from "The Gay 90's West" at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles, California.
Dodecahedron Limited Edition Invitation
Price $99.99

Limited edition, signed and numbered "Dodecahedron" show invitation.

The Tree Show Special Edition Exhibition Book
Price $395.00

This Special Edition of the Tree Show Exhibition Book features works
from Mark Ryden's major solo exhibition at the Michael Kohn Gallery in
Los Angeles.